Changes to Lesson Policies & Fees 2020

Lesson Fees Increase:

Lesson fees will increase by $3 per half-hour lesson in 2020, from $45 to $48.

This is the first price increase in 4 years:

No catch-up lessons:

As of 2020, there will be no more catch-up lessons available, for any reason.

This year, the number of cancelled lessons, and the expectation to make up those missed lessons became difficult to manage, schedule, and the additional time making up those lessons became exhaustive.

When a student books a lesson time, that time is exclusively theirs.

If students go on longer holidays during term time, their lesson place cannot be held without payment.

Lesson Duration Options:

Most students have 30-minute lessons, but there have been many requests for longer lessons.

In 2020, students will be able to request 30-minute or 45-minute lessons, particularly students doing a combination of piano and singing. In some circumstances, students will be able to have 60-minute lessons, if they are able to work well for that length of time.

30 minutes - $ 48

45 minutes - $ 72

60 minutes - $ 96

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