To Enrol

1.   Please fill in the online Expression of Interest form.


2.   Melinda will email you to arrange an "Introductory Meeting", as this is necessary prior to the commencement of lessons;

           -  the Introductory Meeting lasts for 20-30 minutes, and is an informal meet and greet;

           -  Melinda will explain lessons in more detail, and ask parents about any desired goals or outcomes;

           -  prospective students are welcome to sing along with Melinda, or play some notes (or songs, if they know any) on the piano;

           -  parents will be given a copy of the Studio Terms (as per below) to sign and return at the first lesson.

           -  please note that an Introductory Meeting does not guarantee the offer of a lesson place.


3.   Parents will then be notified whether a lesson place will be offered. Lessons are not always offered to all students, for a number of reasons. 

4.   If both parties agree to lessons going ahead, then prior to the first lesson, parents are required to email Melinda a list of approx. 10 favourite songs.

       This is very important, as it enables students to sing or play their favourite songs (ones that they are very familiar with, and love) at the

       commencement of their music studies.

       Lessons cannot start until the song list is received. Click the PDF below to download more information.

Studio Terms

Click on PDF to download

The Song List  

Click on PDF to download

Studio Terms & Conditions

1.   Lessons are paid by term, by no later than Week 1 of each term - unless commencing mid-term.


2.   Refunds are not available in any circumstance.


3.   Catch-up lessons are not available, for any reason, be it illness, holidays, appointments, parties or school events.


5.   If a student is going to be away for an extended period of time, the lesson spot cannot be held unless paid in full.


6.   In the (rare) event of Melinda cancelling a lesson, a catch-up lesson, a lesson credit or refund will be offered.


7.   Lessons start and end on time. Extra time cannot be given when a student arrives late. Please do not arrive too early, as there is no waiting area.


8.   Melinda is unable to supervise students outside of their lesson time. 


9.   Parents are welcome to sit in on lessons, as long as this doesn't affect the behaviour of the child. Alternatively, parents can come into lessons in the

       last 5 minutes to find out what is required for home practice. Please communicate any ideas, suggestions, concerns, etc, via email.


10.  Regular practice must occur for progress to occur, and parents are required to assist with this.

        Please read the "Guide to Effective Practice" sheet,  which is given to parents in the Introductory Meeting.

        Practice should always be positively encouraged, and never used as a 'punishment'.



As autism is different for every child, please assist Melinda by providing any relevant information which will help to make the music learning experience a positive, and effective one. If there a behavioural issues, please discuss with Melinda, who is always open to parental suggestions. Melinda has many resources including visual schedules, timers, and lots of fun (and musically relevant) motivators. 


If your child is in an ABA program, and you would like Melinda to align with this, please inform Melinda, as she has done ABA training. Before lessons commence we need to discuss the most effective musical motivators.

The more information parents are willing to share can help Melinda immensely.



Please Note:

Melinda is dedicated to ongoing professional learning, and attends workshops and conferences. In the event where a workshop clashes with Melinda's teaching schedule, parents will be contacted to see if a lesson can be rescheduled or made-up. If this not possible, Melinda will provide a lesson credit for the following term.