This NEW program has been researched to determine how to engage preschoolers at the start of their music-learning journey.

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I'm Melinda Ceresoli, a music teacher and professional singer & pianist. Click here to read my biography.


If you've had a chance to glance through my biog, you'll see that I have spent a lifetime learning music, and many years teaching it! My husband is also an accomplished pianist, music educator and composer, so you can imagine how picky we were when it came to finding a suitable piano teacher for our eldest daughter, at age 3!

The problem was, although the piano teachers were highly skilled musicians and teachers, I couldn't find lessons that were a good fit for our daughter. She needed a teacher that understood the inner-workings of a little person, with a typically short attention span, who needed to feel relaxed for the learning to begin - and, most importantly, lessons had to be engaging and fun!

Sitting on the piano for a full 30 minutes, or even 20 minutes, was not going to work...!

So, after much research, and trying many teaching concepts with current students, along with drawing upon the skills and experience I have from teaching bigger kids with special needs, I designed a program specifically for preschoolers, that is piano-focussed, but also incorporates engaging musical tasks, which underpin the essential skills required for becoming an accomplished musician - all while having FUN! 


-   discovering the piano

-   singing

-   movement

-   percussion and body percussion

-   developing the musical ear: aural perception/ear-training

-   improvisation and composition

-   rhythm and pitch activities

-   learning to read music, when the child is developmentally ready

-   music awareness & appreciation

-   support activities in numeracy & literacy

-   3 1/2 to 5 years

Not all 3 year olds will be suited to individual lessons, but the only way to know is do a 3-lesson trial.

Please note that I don't accept students below the age of 3 1/2.


-   weekly lessons, at the same time. Preschool lessons are held during week days, during state school terms.

-   20 mins for 3 and 4 year olds ($30 per 20-minute lesson)

-   30 mins for 5 year olds ($45 per 30-minute lesson)