Singing Lessons

Singing is known to release 'happy hormones' (endorphins, dopamine & serotonin). For Autistic individuals and those with additional needs, whereby heightened anxiety is an ongoing issue, singing is particularly beneficial.
Benefits of Singing:

- speech acquisition and speech development;
- communication and context, through lyrics;
- exploration of emotions in lyrics;
- controlled breathing and air flow (good for singing and relaxing)
- voice/vocal tone and inflection;
- relaxation and stress release;

- improvement of posture and poise;

- developing a good sense of rhythm, which has been found to assist dyslexia.


Singing lesson content:

Developing vocal techniques:

pitch (tuning), breathing, extending the vocal range, tonal control, dyamics and projection, diction (clarity of words).

Students also work on developing their musicality (musical ear) and general understanding of music. 


If interested, students learn performance skills, including microphone technique.



Students sing a wide range of age-appropriate music, ranging from current pop songs , musical theatre, Disney and movie songs, Jazz and classic popular hits from 1950s-2000s. Students provide a list of favourite songs before the first lesson, so that we can start with songs they know and love. Over time, Melinda introduces songs from different styles.


Speech Assistance:

For students who have difficulties with speech (articulation), part of the program can include working on this through songs. Melinda is happy to work under the guidance of a student's speech therapist. Articulation exercises can be 'embedded' into songs, and vocal exercises can include speech-sounds that require more attention. Please note that although Melinda has assisted kids in this area, and has a great interest in this speech and language development, she is not a speech therapist and cannot take the place of one.


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Ages: 4 years - adult


Lessons: Weekly, in terms of 10 weeks


Duration & Fees:

30 minutes: $54, payable by term

45 minutes: $80, payable by term

60 minutes: $108, payable by term